Tuesday, April 21, 2009

purple tulip

This is another photo from the ongoing floral macro series. Tulips are such a natural spring subject...taken from the front or back, they always seem to produce good results. This photo was a little different in the series - it was taken with a standard 85mm macro lens (no extension tubes), so it has a little more in focus. It was lit from a single umbrella flash from the upper right.


  1. Beautiful work Steve!

    Really stunning fine art!

    Well done!

  2. It's breathtaking. I think the edges actually make this photo, Steve. You look at the flower then start wondering around the edges which give the flower depth and emotion. I love it.

  3. I like this more than the one previous to it. Both are nice shots but, this one is really exceptional.


  4. Another very good floral macro here. Obvioustly a product of a lot of good decisions coming together.