Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the future's so bright...

A couple of weeks ago when the Bay Area Photo Club made a field trip to the Jamail Skate Park in Houston, young girls were featured skaters. One young girl who I posted a photo of a few days ago was fearless dropping in to the bowl and ultimately turned out to be a great subject for many of the photographers there. Later in the morning I met the woman above, who it turned out was the mother of that young girl. Small world. But here's the really crazy thing. As I was working on this image I noticed my reflection in her sunglasses, and I swear to God this is true (you probably won't be able to see this onscreen) --- but if you look close enough you can see Larry J. Patrick laying on his belly shooting skaters flying inches from his wide angle lens, and here I am getting the shot of the pretty woman. Now, that has to be a first.


  1. Great shot, except for that fat, old, bald photographer laying on his belly--that is a awful thought! I really like the texture. It makes the background into something. You did a really good job capturing her smile, which I thought was fantastic.

    Great job.

  2. This is a great image without those little extra reflections! Unfortunately all I can see is the city skyline in her glasses...or maybe that is fortunate. I like her pose and the angle of her head and the texturing. I agree with Larry that it makes the background something you want to look at after your eye goes to her.


  3. Awesome job Steve. This is a photo that texture really adds something to the overall feel of the shot. Nice exposure too.


  4. Terrific photo Steve!

    Great smile, great lighting, and great post-processing! I hope you were able to send her one of pics.

    Well done!