Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Parasol

Photo above was taken last month at Dickens on the Strand. This is Mary, who was working at one of the booths near the Steampunk Square off Mechanic Street. I believe it was Bob and I who first approached her about taking some photos. Hard to believe but the lush greenery in the background was a couple of palm trees near a parking garage. Mary said, as we were taking these photos, that her parasol was probably one of the few triangular ones she knew of. It made the shot, really -- the angle of the parasol arch with the tilt of her hat ... the greenery surrounding it and the blue goggles in the sea of warm tones. 1/125 at f/5.3, 100mm, light from an SB900 in a Fotoflex softbox from camera right.


  1. When i look at this portrait, I immediately think how ebay it is on the eyes because the color pallet is so simple. It makes the rat of the portrait--pose, lighting, and subject--much easier to "see." Really nice job.

  2. Larry is right on with his comment about the color palette. The colors all work together very well. She is pretty stunning with the red hair, red lips and blue eyes framed against the parasol. It just works. Nice job.