Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Under the Bridge

The photo above was taken December 30 at Bay Area Park along Armand Bayou. I had hopes of taking a photo of an egret who was hidden behind some reeds, but that never materialized. Those egrets never seem to know how to position themselves and pose when I really need them to. Frustrated, I began taking photos of the Bay Area Boulevard bridge as it splits and crosses the bayou. Also began playing with long shutter speeds and reflections in the water. Saw the green reflection of the banks behind the bridges and the blue water in the foreground, so waited for large moving trucks to pass by and took photos as quickly as I could. This one was nice because it filled out the Red / Green / Blue combination pretty well. Must have waited 20 minutes for a nice big red truck to pass. The things you do as a photographer. 1/50 sec at f/32, -.67 EV, 300mm.

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