Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lesson Learned

Last night the Bay Area Photo Club had their annual awards dinner -- the highlight being the announcement of the Photographer of the Year. This year, Larry Patrick won the award with a 191 point average for 6 assignment photos for 2011. Larry put some great images out there and ran away with the award -- his second time winning. In his acceptance speech he told the members that one of the keys to making photos with impact is to let the viewer know exactly where to look. I think that's always in the back of my mind when I take a photo and work on it in Photoshop, but I really took that suggestion to heart tonight as I worked on the image above of Kacey taken in September. Through gesture, color, and form, I tried to emphasize the intensity and beauty of Kacey's relationship with her horse.


  1. You succeeded. You not only told me where to look but you also gave me great insight into who Kacey is--a serious young lady, comfortable with herself and a horse lover, especially this particular horse. The warm tones you used in the image helped support all of this. I wished that I had taken this portrait; it would be one of my portfolio images.

  2. You both are really amazing photographers. I love seeing your work. Hopefully we can get together soon for another shoot.