Thursday, August 5, 2010

Untouched by Photoshop #3

Great egret captured near shrimp boats in Galveston. The more I shoot birds the more likely I find myself shooting shallower depth of fields. I guess I feel a little more confident in my focusing or maybe since I shoot birds less often than I did a few years ago I tend to take more chances -- panning, shooting at f/2.8, etc. This one is straight out of camera, just a little white balance tweak in Adobe Camera Raw. Nikon D200, 200mm, 1/2500 sec at f/2.8, +1.7 EV.


  1. Considering the direction the sun is coming from I'm surprised you can see the eye so well and still retained the detail in its feathers. Nice job.

  2. Wow, no PS, not even any fill light on the egret? The specular highlights in the background elevate this bird portrait to another level and the no Photoshop is really interesting. Did you take some previous shots that made you change your in-camera EV to +1.7?

  3. I was curious myself about that. I went back and checked, started out without any EV, then stepped it up to +1.7 after 5 frames. I normally don't shoot with that drastic of an EV adj, but those specular flares off the water were playing havoc with the meter, and that was the quickest way to get decent exposure on the bird.