Monday, August 16, 2010

Chelsea in High Key

Sometimes you throw a lot at an image -- lots of layers, textures, and Photoshop plug-ins. I know. I've done it. Maybe you're trying to make something out of nothing, which is most likely the case. It can be frustrating. Other times you just let an image live the way it is supposed to look -- like this photo of Chelsea taken Sunday afternoon. I've photographed Chelsea twice now, and I've been lucky enough to get to know her a little. In every portrait I think the photographer should try to capture their subject's spirit. And I think this one does -- smiling, easy going, care free, young and beautiful.
Larry, Doug, and I tried to capture that yesterday, and I think we were successful. We threw up lots of light stands and worked with lots of gear, but when you strip all that away ... all the floundering around with equipment and all the technical issues and missteps ... and you come out with something you feel embodies the subject, well I think that's a success. I'll probably crop this image a little at the bottom ... some day. But for now it will live on my hard drive the way it is. Because when I think of Chelsea, this is how I picture her.


  1. Beautiful! The clean, very bright background seems like a different approach from you. How many lights did this take? And um...did Chelsea go blonde?

  2. just now seeing this, wow what a beautiful shot! LOVE it and what you did the coloring, really pretty!