Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pole Pixie Test #2

I found myself in the OR today shooting some photos at work. Afterwards, since we are going to be redesigning some marketing material over the summer that will require some new photos, I decided to take my Pole Pixie for some test shots. I've been wanting to try this kind of shot high above during an actual sugery. Thought I'd try it out in an empty room today. Top photo is the standard point of view; the photo below is from about 5 feet above with the paint pole and pole pixie. During an actual surgery the room would be dark and the intense OR lights would be on, but you can see the unique perspective here. In such tight quarters I had a hard time composing. I ended up taking about 25 photos to get a satisfactory crop. Once that camera goes overhead it takes a couple of attempts to get your bearing. I found it best to stay in one place and keep tweaking the angle. Purely by accident, my pole pixie shot just happened to crop out the wires coming from the table in the bottom right -- on shot number 25 of 25.


  1. Wow, it's amazing the difference 5 feet makes!

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  3. I like the Pole Pixie perspective and it seems a lot easier that carrying around a step ladder! :-)

    Thanks for the introduction to the product Steve! I'm looking forward to seeing more shots with it!


  4. I've tried the Pole Pixie effect by hoisting my camera on the end of my extended tripod using the time instead of a manual or electrnic shutter release. It worked, but not wihout a lot of hassle!