Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pole Pixie Test #1

I've been testing a new piece of gear recently -- the Pole Pixie -- a mounting head for attaching your camera to an inexpensive paint pole for wide angle, bird's eye view images. I first saw this type of photography on David Ziser's blog. He was using it at weddings to take photos from high above the crowd down onto small groups. Here's a link to his post. He was using a standard monopod with his dSLR raised above. The Pole Pixie is unique because it has a threaded socket for screwing into a standard paint pole, which you can buy at just about any home improvement store in numerous heights. In addition to the threads, there's also a locking screw in the Pole Pixie. In my tests with the Pole Pixie, I'm using a Nikon point and shoot camera, a 6-foot Shur-Line paint pole, and the Bogen quick release mount shown on the Pole Pixie web site. I must say, it makes for some pretty unique images. It's often said that to really make your photos stand out you have to take a unique perspective -- whether that means getting low to the ground or high above. The Pole Pixie gives you the ability to shoot high above the normal viewing angle -- with no ladders, cherry pickers, or any other expensive and potentially dangerous equipment.

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