Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dupont Circle

This is the Dupont Circle Metro station in Washington, DC. This photo was taken during a rainy afternoon last Thursday - the same place as yesterday's image. Although there are signs all over the place that say no photography, I went on the assumption they were talking about the always controversial use of tripods. So I sat photographing trains, people, and the cavernous walls of the station for about an hour. Metro police passed by, and I'm happy to say no problems. All photos were shot handheld at about 1/10 of a second. In this image I used a Lucis Art layer on the ceiling and a Nik Color Efex Monday Morning Sepia layer masked into the train.


  1. What a great image! You are right --- too bad you couldn't enter this Tuesday night. I love the blur of the train and how you positioned it with the end on the lower right. The sharp lights on the edge of the platform and their blur on the train is nice. There are so many interesting elements to this image my eye goes all around to look at them --- the blur of the train, the pattern of the ceiling, the texture of the bricks on the platform. And all the leading lines are wonderful too. Just a great image in every way!

  2. Very good use of motion blur. The movement of the train is demonstrated with the blur as contrasted with the in-focus background. The lighting is also really good.

  3. Glad you didn't have any trouble with the authorities. I was taking some shots with a tripod back in 2000 (obviously pre-9/11) and soon had the stationmaster running toward me shouting "You can't do that! You can't do that!" Long story short, I managed to talk my way out of a $5000 fine by politely pointing out that there were no signs anywhere saying that photography was prohibited and volunteering to leave. After all, I already had the shot I was after :-)

    I think you are correct that their main concern is people tripping over tripod legs.