Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shannon Maternity Shoot on the Bayou #2

Here's another image of Shannon along Armand Bayou. I really liked the green dress she had on at the time and wanted to play that up along the grasses and along a very small break in the brush. With the rain we've had this summer, the edges of the bayou are pretty much totally overgrown, so this was one of the few places you could even get a glimpse of the water from the banks. This image started out very green and blue, but I added some warmer tones in post, including a very subtle texture that brought in some auburn tones into the shadows. On my initial work on the image I brought the exposure of the sky down ... like I tend to do, but after working in the warmer tones and backlight ended up taking away that sky detail in the upper right and simulating a warm ambient backlight, even though there wasn't much really there. Off camera flash was from the right front, so I think visually it still makes sense to have the backlight, and with some work with masks and blend modes seems to look fairly realistic. Although feel free to comment if you think it's too forced. Sometimes we go down these paths as photographers and retouchers and at times it's hard to differentiate between impact and over-processing.

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