Friday, November 18, 2011


Portrait of Kacey taken several weeks ago at Challenger 7 Park in Clear Lake. The usual processing: shallow depth of field, backlight, Nik Color Efex 4. Cheated the sync a little here: f/5 at 1/320 sec with light from a small softbox from camera left ... got a little vignette at the bottom, but in the spirit of David Ziser I think it doesn't hurt the image, in fact maybe provides a nice dark base.


  1. Beautiful model as well as the light. Seems like a candidate for a square crop, unless you had a personal reason for leaving the negative space to the left. The focus is on her eyes and backlit hair, so I'm not seeing why you left it. It does have nice bokeh across the whole scene.

  2. Yeah, just liked the bokeh. I tend to always crop my horizontal portraits with some negative space away from the face ... don't know why.

  3. I'm not saying the crop was wrong. It's all subjective anyway, isn't it? I was just wondering if you had tried it cropped square. The photo works both ways. I think I like the square version of the B&W better though.