Monday, September 26, 2011

Jackson Square, New Orleans #3

Travel tip for New Orleans: August isn't the greatest time to visit. It's hot and humid like Houston. After a day of walking around the French Quarter and Jackson Square, I finally realized you could actually go inside St. Louis Cathedral. And the cool air in there feels pretty good. Tons of people milling around. I took some shots, played with ISO...but decided that I'd get there early the next morning after 7:00 am mass and take some interior shots with a tripod. No signs were posted against that, just that you couldn't shoot during services. So at 8:05, there I was with tripod firmly planted clicking off brackets. Must have shot for 20 minutes, until I realized a crowd had gathered behind me letting me have clean shots free of people walking up and down the aisle. Nice of them; and as anyone who has been around me when I take photos can tell you, sometimes I get a little preoccupied. I had great hopes for these shots -- surely an entry in our photo club's architecture assignment in September. But somehow I never got an image I was really excited about. Colors seemed muted -- cream, beige, gold. They are accurate colors, just not the rich reds, greens and blues you'd like to see in a cathedral shot. The shot above is 3 bracketed exposures, f/11 at 12mm.

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