Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cathedral Rock

This photo was taken back in late May in Sedona, Arizona -- the very iconic Cathedral Rock and reflection in Oak Creek. About 10 years ago, I stood at this very spot, even waded out into the creek and watched the sunset behind me and saw an incredible sky light up this formation. And for some reason, there was no camera around then -- point and shoot or anything. I regretted it for years. This view is probably photographed every night from this very same spot. It's a postcard shot. It's cliched. It's, as they say, a mature subject. In fact, on this night there was a group of photographers from an Arizona Highways tour taking this very same shot. But something sticks in your head when you miss an opportunity, and cliched or not I'm glad I finally had the chance to drop my tripod on the banks of Oak Creek and get this photo.


  1. Nice classic shot. It's also nice that you had a few clouds to help break up the blue sky. To get another perspective that has not been taken would probably require being on top of the rock formation...or maybe a helicopter.