Sunday, December 19, 2010

Renaissance Festival 5

From the Texas Renaissance Festival a couple of weekends ago -- this was one of my favorite costumes of the day. It was Barbarian weekend when we were there, so I'm not sure if this was unique to that weekend, or he wore it for the entire festival. The level of detail is pretty impressive -- all the way down to the shark's teeth on the shoulder pads. Doug and I took this photo in front of a pavillion, so the background wasn't ideal. Ended up dropping out the background and adding my own, adding lots of texture with Topaz Adjust and some toning to even things up. Lit directly above with an SB900 shot through a Photoflex EZbox. As I look at it now, the hands and ball aren't in focus. Wish I would have dropped the focus point there instead of the face, but when you're shooting on the run like you do at festivals, those things tend to happen.


  1. This is a case where the background and textures truly adds to the photo. To me, they help give the subject some context. That being said, the photo would not be successful as it is without it being a good capture to being with. I like the pose, the lighting and his expression a lot. I do wish that hands on the football were about a half stop darker and his face was about a half stop lighter. I think that would put more emphasis on his face. Really good capture and excellent post processing.

  2. Ditto the other Larry's comments. I also was thinking that lighting his eyes [as with a snoot] might be interesting. Easy to say when your setting behind the computer! Nice job.