Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Weird how things happen somtimes, like in this photo of Lauren taken Sunday in a Galveston alley. I don't exactly remember how we decided to shoot in this little niche. But what struck me about this as I began working on it in postproduction is how nicely the tones work in this image -- browns of the sweater and stone; and the reds of the door, the rust along the right side, and Lauren's lips. Was it an accident that we picked this spot to shoot before the rain came? Was it some subconscious act? Or was it that maybe after three years of shooting portraits, something finally clicks and you do by instinct what you never would have done before? Hard to know, maybe a little bit of all of these things. But in these days of doubt and pessimism, it makes you think. Maybe there is some guiding force out there.
Now if that guiding force can put a large shipment of D7000s at B&H in the next week or two, I'll be a true believer.


  1. Not sure how you'll take this one, but I think it's your best portrait shot ever. Everything you mentioned has something to do with it. I also think Lauren's look has matured over the last year. She looks stunning in this photo. I don't remember being able to come up with a stunning shot of her last time. Could be the photographer too. (:

    I think what helps here...she seems more relaxed and confident than last time. It shows in the photo. She should really love this one. Great job.

  2. This IS a very good photo! I like how it flows, the pose, colors, smile and how the hair raps around. Very well done!

  3. Really nice portrait of Lauren. Hard to believe she is even prettier. didn't think that was possible. The colors work so well here, everything is in harmony. I just wish her hand had been in the frame, maybe close to her face.

  4. Really nice lighting--the falloff of the lighting is great. The lighting makes you go immediately to Lauren's face. The light falloff also helps control the bright red door behind her. Good job.