Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dickens on the Strand

Above is another photo from Dickens on the Strand, now almost two weeks ago. Setup was identical to the previous post - a single SB800 flash shot through a small softbox. This woman was nice enough to forward a photo taken by her husband of Larry and me in the act (below). I told Larry, "we almost look like we know what we're doing."


  1. Good post and good photograph. It provides a lot of information in a few words.

    Where did you get that little, ole, white haired VAL?

  2. At the "little ole white-haired VAL store." He's pretty expensive though, but worth the $$. You'll be happy to know I have some Alien Bees triggers on order. Remember, I'm the ice-breaker next time.

  3. Great portrait Steve!

    I think it's the backwards baseball cap that gives you the pro look! :-)


  4. I wish I had that hat! Great job on the lighting. Who are those two old guys???